Thank you for your interest in Intellect Finance!


The intellect is the ability to learn and solve problems!

Intellect combines the cognitive abilities of a person: sensation, perception, memory, representation, thinking, imagination or mind!

Intellect Finance

We rely on
your Intellect !

Company policy

The company is guided by the principles of transparency and legality.

Functioning of the company

The company is guided by the established rules:

  •   US federal laws.
  •   The laws of the state of California.
  •   US financial market regulatory rules.
  •   IRS rules and procedures.

Service concept

The service is based on the method of capital management by a Private Person.

We work for you!

We rely on your Intelligence !


Time is an irreversible process flowing in one direction from the past, through the present to the future!


Mind. The quality of the psyche of a Private Person, consisting of the ability to adapt to new situations, the ability to learn and memorize based on experience, understand and apply abstract concepts and use their knowledge to manage the environment.